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LUBI ♦ Industrial Supplies, Maintenance and Services

Our Services

Lubi Group provide engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and refurbishment to some of the most important industrial groups in various countries.

Lubi supplies components and original spare parts at competitive prices thanks to trading agreements established with the manufacturers. Moreover, through its partners located in Europe, USA and in the Far East, it is able to acquire products directly from the most cost-efficient markets and deliver them worldwide. Our offices are located in Milan, Italy, near to the major highways and airports.

Our staff consist of highly qualified and skilled engineers with more than twenty years experience in dealing with industrial plants and components.

  • Industrial Supplies

    Our company can help you import the following products at the best possible prices:
    – Complete equipment and original spare parts in the mechanical and electrical fields, instrumentations, materials for industrial maintenance, safety and anti fire equipment.
    – Spare parts and components of all dimensions and needs, made in the workshop according to the client’s technical specifications.
    – Ball valves, forged and cast steel valves, safety valves, solenoid valves .
    – Complete piping packages: valves, gaskets, pipes, flanges, fittings, available in special alloys (nickel, monel, inconel, incoloy, hastelloy).

  • Maintenance and Assembly

    Lubi Group is able to provide specialized services in the installation, maintenance and refurbishment of industrial plants by complying with the requirements agreed with the Customer and, at the same time, protecting the well-being of personnel, property and the environment.
    For us, it means revamping and maintenance the merger synergies of the best international producers with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency of the plant.

  • Technical and Procurement Services

    In the field of procurement LUBI can achieve the following objectives:

    – The highest quality of goods supplied and technical consultancy in Italy and abroad
    – Competitive prices and services
    – To supply goods directly and efficiently in urgent cases
    – Packaging of different materials in single orders
    – Efficient operation in purchasing, supplier management and delivery

Industrial Sectors

Lubi provides materials and services to the manufacturing and engineering companies, mainly in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power stations
  • Chemical and petrolchemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Engeneering
  • Renewable energy

Our References

It has always been crucial for Lubi to set up a solid relationship of collaboration and mutual respect with Customers. You can view more about:


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